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The mission of CAAAM is to collect and showcase the historical achievements and culture of African Americans  by serving as a resource center for the Greater Clemson Area to engage the local and upstate communities in intellectual discourse about the past.


In August 2007, a diverse group of local residents, along with graduates from the former Calhoun Elementary School and volunteers from Clemson University, joined together to establish the Clemson Area African American Museum.


The museum is dedicated to becoming a better and stronger member of the community, as we continue to focus on our core values and goals, grow membership, and work closer with our local schools and civic leaders.

Clemson Area African American Museum





CAAAM Newsletter

The LittleJohn's Grill Story

Blues, Jazz, Rock 'N' Roll in Clemson, SC

by Vince Jackson


Ashton, Susanna, Thomas, Rhondda. The South Carolina Roots of African American Thought. A Reader. University of South Carolina Press.

by Susanna Ashton and Rhondda Robinson Thomas


The Queen in You: 3 Steps to your Business Queendom

by Dy Wakefield


Don't Let My Purse Hit You on the Way Out: Creative Ways to Use Coupons for Tremendous Savings at the Checkout Aisle!

by S.P. Wakefield



If you are an local author and you want your book featured at our museum and on our webpage, contact us today.

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